Voting & Elections 2020

If you have the ability to vote, we believe you should use that power! We want to help our community in utilizing our voices and our votes, and we hope we can help those who are seeking election education.

Please check out our resources below pertaining to registering to vote, voting during COVID-19, absentee & early voting, experiencing homelessness, and more! Furthermore, please follow us on social media to see updates on voter registration at Aliveness and educational videos.

Additional Resources

In addition to the resources provided in these sections, staff members at Aliveness can help members get connected to the right resources. If you need help registering or requesting a ballot, you can:

  • contact your case manager
  • contact the Front Desk
  • come to our voter registration events at Aliveness outside EVERY FRIDAY 12-3pm

Aliveness will also be hosting online information sessions for voters and in-person voter registration events (with social distancing measures). Voting in 2020 is important to protect the interests of the HIV community including healthcare, affordable housing, more equitable communities, and more. Your vote could help promote positive change in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the US broadly.