Voting & Experiencing Homelessness

Those experiencing homelessness or unstable housing can still register and vote in the 2020 election. If you register before election day, rather than providing a proof of residence, you will provide where you are sleeping as your address. You will most likely need someone to affirm the location. When you vote, you will need to swear under oath again affirming the location.  

Those who do not register early will need to provide a proof of residence. If you do not have documents, you can bring someone from your precinct to verify your location. If you are sleeping at a shelter, a staff member can go with you to confirm. Given these rules, it is best for those experiencing homelessness to prepare and register to vote as early as possible 


In addition to these resources, members of Aliveness experiencing homelessness can apply and send their absentee ballot to our address. Aliveness will alert you and hold onto your ballot so you can vote safely.  

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More information is available for those experiencing homelessness.