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The Aliveness Project

Know Your Status

The Aliveness Project offers free HIV tests to the public, because knowledge is power: the power to manage your health.

We currently offer free rapid HIV testing at The Aliveness Project by appointment only. Testing involves pre- and post-test counseling, a finger stick, and instant results on the spot.

Testing counselors are certified by the Minnesota health department to administer free, confidential (or anonymous) rapid HIV tests at Aliveness and in the community. Incentives for being tested are available.

Testing hours are:

By appointment only. Call 612.822.7946

11 am – 3:00 pm

11 am – 3:00 pm

11 am – 3:00 pm

Newly Diagnosed?

If you are newly diagnosed with HIV, Aliveness’ Care Linkage team is here to help you find an HIV doctor, a case manager, and offer any other referrals you may need. We are also here to help you identify and overcome barriers to medical care such as lack of insurance.

We understand how difficult and confusing it can be when you are newly diagnosed. We would like to offer you encouragement and welcome you to join us when you are ready.

Call Aliveness at (612) 822-7946 to get started!

Resources and Information for Newly Diagnosed



Calls answered Monday- Friday 9am- 5pm

612–373–2437 (Metro)
800–248–2437 (Toll Free)

Become a Member of The Aliveness Project

People living with HIV who access services at The Aliveness Project are called members.

Anyone living with HIV is warmly welcomed to become a member of The Aliveness Project at no cost.

COVID-19 Update:

As our public spaces are closed for the time being, please be aware that we ARE still accepting membership applications but are changing our process in order to keep our members and staff safe.

To apply for membership here at The Aliveness Project during this time:

  1. Apply online and upload documentation.  If you are not able to upload all documentation needed, please call 612.824.LIFE (5433) or email for additional help.
  2. OR call 612.824.LIFE (5433) to arrange a time to come in and complete our membership intake at our community center. If able, please bring in necessary documentation listed below.

In order to process your application as quickly as we can during this time, please be ready to provide proof of HIV verification and proof of MN residency with your application. You can do this with the following:

  • HIV verification: MyChart, letter or note from your physician, doctor visit summaries, or our completed verification on the back of our application.
  • MN residency: a copy of your MN state ID or driver's license, utility bills with your current address, or a copy of your lease.


Note: we are able to fax for verification as well to clinics on your behalf, but this may take additional time with increased work in clinics.  If you need this, please provide the name of your physician and provider clinic on our application. We can provide some support in receiving MN residency verification as well if you are not able to provide verification at this time.


Benefits to Aliveness Members

The following benefits are available to all members at no cost:

Current Members

Proof of Income & Eligibility Form

We ask current members of The Aliveness Project who are actively accessing services to complete a Proof of Income & Eligibility Form every six months in order to comply with requests from our funding agencies.

If you have not completed all information on our Proof of Income & Eligibility Form in the last six months, please find our new online form here.

If you are unable to complete the form online, feel free to request a form in-person at our location during our open hours.