Community Care
Starts With You.

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You Make Us Who We Are.

Putting an end to the HIV epidemic is an all-hands-on-deck effort.

And we’re always in need of extra hands (and hearts!) to help us power our care efforts. So if you’re eager to pitch in, we’ll help you find the perfect volunteer fit.

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Getting this party started is started.

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Step 1

Set up your VolunteerHub account and register for an orientation session.

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Step 2

Get your first session on the books — then the next, and the next, and…

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Step 3

Keep showing up. Keep making an impact. Rinse. Repeat.

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“Aliveness is a great community to be part of. As a volunteer, there are tons of great opportunities for me to give back to a community I care about. I know that what I am doing is making a difference, and the members and staff remind me of that everytime I’m here.”

- Reed

How You Can Help

Yes, we need you. Here’s just a taste of how our volunteers help us provide this vital community care.

In the kitchen

Join the high-energy team that preps our scratch-made member meals.

At the food shelf

Shop with members and assist them in our unique choice-model food shelf.

Behind the scenes

Office and administrative help is always needed!

In our harm reduction efforts

Help pack harm reduction kits and safer sex kits.

Other ways
to get involved

Dining Out For Life
Become a volunteer ambassador: Fill the restaurant, tell diners about Aliveness, and collect additional donations.

Red Ribbon Ride
Join the “traveling love bubble” that supports our cyclists during this two-day ride over more than 150 miles of Minnesota road.

Small-group efforts
Round up your crew! We’ll put you to work on maintenance and organizing projects, event PrEP and day-of assistance, and more.

Already a Volunteer?

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Manage or pick up shifts

Everything’s digital — log in to VolunteerHub to get started.

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Tell us your experience

Our program grows when volunteers share their stories.

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Ask questions

How can we help make your next shift even better?

P.S. We ❤️
hiring our volunteers.

We’ve been known to have a strong volunteer-to-staffer pipeline…

Start as a volunteer, and if you realize you’ve found your forever home, there’s a good chance we’ll be open to talking about a more permanent situation. Just sayin’.