Staff & Leadership

Aliveness Staff


Executive Director
he/him/his - Ext. 201
Director of Care & Prevention
he/him/his – Ext. 214 
Director of Nutrition & Wellness
she/her/hers – Ext. 217
Director of Development
he/him/his – Ext. 204

Case Management and Member Services

Case Manager Supervisor
she/her/hers – Ext. 220
Lead Medical Case Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 223
Medical Case Manager
she/her/hers – Ext. 203
Medical Case Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 215
Medical Case Manager
she/her/hers – Ext. 218
Non-Medical Case Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 216
Housing Locator
he/him/his – Ext. 212
Member Services Manager
they/them/theirs – Ext. 222

Outreach, Care, and Prevention

Outreach & Care Linkage Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 209
HIV Testing & Outreach
she/her/hers – Ext. 202
HIV Testing & Outreach
he/him/his – Ext. 233
HIV Testing & Outreach
he/him/his – Ext. 233

Food Programs: Nutrition, Meals, Food Shelf, and Distribution

Registered Dietitian
she/her/hers - Ext. 236
Food Shelf Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 205 
Food Services Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 210
Distribution Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 234
she/her/hers – Ext. 210 
Food Assistant
she/her/hers – Ext. 219 

Tina Berg

Kitchen Assistant
she/her/hers – Ext. 210
Food Assistant
he/him/his – Ext. 219 
Kitchen Assistant
he/him/his – Ext. 210 
Food Assistant
he/him/his – Ext. 219
Kitchen Assistant
he/him/his – Ext. 210 

Administration, Development, and Volunteer Services

Office Manager
she/her/hers – Ext. 213 
Building Manager
he/him/his – Ext. 235 
Event & Communication Manager
(he/him/his) – Ext. 207 
Volunteer Manager
(he/him/his) – Ext. 221 

Charitable Gaming

Charitable Gaming Coordinator 
Charitable Gaming Coordinator

Member & Board of Directors Leadership

Membership Advisory Committee (MAC)

The MAC consists of up to 20 members of The Aliveness Project elected at the Annual Meeting each May. They meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. The MAC elects the Board of Directors, advises and makes recommendations on member-related issues, and oversees Charitable Gaming.

Jesse W. – President
Dylan B. – Vice President
Alex P.– Secretary
Dan C.
Tim K
Jo Ann V.
Moncies F.
Nick C.
Scott S.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Membership Advisory Committee and consists of up to 20 community members, at least 30% of whom must be people living with HIV.

President: Carey Boyum, Lubrizol, Account Manager
Vice President: Tom Straley
Second Vice President: Jessy Weiss


Andy Birkey | MN Housing Partnership
Austin Bly | U.S. Water Services
Adam Fairbanks | Ei - Consultants
Luciano Patino | Propel Nonprofits
Mary Jo Kasten | Mayo Clinic
Michelle Bahr | MN New Life Recovery
Michelle Tanner | UnitedHealthcare
Scott Schlaffman
Shanasha Whitson | Brakins Consulting