Otto Bremer Trust Announces $245,000 Grant Support to Aliveness Project.

The Aliveness Project is thrilled to announce substantial grants from the Otto Bremer Trust. The $200,000 and $45,000 awards were announced on February 14 as part of the grants and program-related funding they have announced for December 2023 and January 2024.

The funds will support the construction of an expanded HIV prevention clinic and specialized pharmacy in the Twin Cities. Additionally, the funds will provide community support and direct services to people living with HIV.

“We are incredibly grateful to recieve this grant award which empowers us to expand our services and reach even more people living with or at risk of HIV in our community.” Said Matt Toburen, Executive Director at The Aliveness Project

The grants awarded to the Aliveness Project was part of a much larger announcement that saw Otto Bremer Trust award a total of 144 grants worth a total of $14.3 million.

“As we enter a new calendar year, we are extremely honored to continue the work set out by our namesake, Otto Bremer, 80 years ago,” said Daniel Reardon, co-CEO and trustee, OBT. “With the need for financial assistance continuing to grow, we will focus on supporting these communities and organizations with responsive giving, furthering OBT’s mission and the legacy of this visionary philanthropist.”

The OBT is a private charitable trust that was created in 1944 by Otto Bremer and is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The goal of the OBT is to support a better quality of life for residents of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota and Wisconsin. For more information about the OBT, visit

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Otto Bremer Trust Announces $245,000 Grant Support to Aliveness Project.

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