We Can End HIV.

We are expanding our building and services.

The demand is growing for the HIV-related leadership, expertise, community, services, and facilities of the Aliveness Project. The twin pandemics of HIV and COVID-19 have been devastating for people living with and at the highest risk of HIV in Minnesota. COVID has caused record rates of unemployment, food and housing insecurity, and mental health crises. All of this in combination with two ongoing HIV outbreaks in the Twin Cities and Duluth, the first in Minnesota’s history.

These effects are deeply felt at Aliveness by our HIV-positive members and the high-risk HIV-negative folks we serve. The need is great, and so is the opportunity. This year, we have been working to raise $600,000 to renovate our existing space to center member needs, optimize clinical services, and increase staff effectiveness. With this building expansion, we will increase the number of people we can serve, and enable the growth of HIV-related programs that have plateaued due to lack of space with the ultimate goal of ending HIV by 2035. We have raised $358,000 so far towards our goal.

With your support of our End HIV campaign, you will: 

  • Advance an innovative vision to meet current and future needs 
  • Guarantee free PrEP, PEP, and STI testing/treatment for all people regardless of ability to pay 
  • Continue to help us serve as a leader in HIV & LGBTQ+ communities

Your investment shows your passion and commitment to serving Aliveness members and our community now and into the future. Will you support Aliveness in our goal to end HIV in Minnesota by making a donation? Donate here.

HIV and COVID have made an historic impact on Minnesotans. Still, the Aliveness Project is ready to seize this opportunity to significantly reduce new HIV infections by 2025 and end the epidemic by 2035. Learn more and contribute at bit.ly/endhivmn.

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